Duration: 14 hours flexible

Course overview:

World is getting global and diversity is a great challenge. The only margin between success and failure is high performing teams with great leadership . Cohesive functioning in a dynamic and challenging business world make the difference. We ensure to equips the participants with all the skills and qualities to be a efficient team leader and member.
Course outline covers:
• Skills vs. Qualities, Groups vs. Teams, Setting Goals.
• Defining team Roles, and Responsibilities.
• Team progression stages and life cycle, Belbin’s team roles, and 5 Point Team dysfunction.
• Effective communication in a team environment, Non-verbal communication, Barriers in Communication.
• Facilitation skills, Team meeting process.
• Initiative vs. Leadership. McClelland's need-based motivational theory Concept of Leader vs. Followers
• Different leadership styles, Leader as a motivator, Concept of collective responsibility.
• Conflict in Teams with practical examples, Kilman’s 5 point Conflict management theory.
• Planning and organizing a super performing team, Time management, Delegation as a productivity tool.
• Process-based approach to resolving ongoing challenges.

Who is it for:

• Organizational personals intended to understand the functioning and high-performance team factors involved in leading. They might be Senior/Mid-level/Junior Managers, Administrators, Supervisors and Project and team Leaders or members.


• Identify different types of teams & develop strategies for prominent high performance of team.
• Setting clearly defined team goals and objectives.
• Making team development stages and behaviors and master techniques to manage teams at each stage.
• Use of effective communication skills for efficient team functioning.
• Individual’s role and performance affects team functioning, realize to improve individual contribution in a team.
• Importance of effective leadership in a team and skills for effective leadership.
• Conflict management skills aids in the smooth functioning of teams.
• Techniques to foster teamwork and create a supportive team culture through practical activities.

Training methodology

• The Training will be provided with the current learning standard.
• The training program is highly interactive with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, activities, role-plays, mock sessions, video presentations, discussions, energizers, Q&A and re-cap sessions etc.
• Courseware contain study material, handouts, and activity sheets etc.

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