Duration: 20 hours

Course overview:

In today's highly demanding workplace, it is important that the employees possess the right set of interpersonal, communication and emotional skills that enhance their relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

It is established that there exists a high degree of correlation between soft skills possessed by the employees and the success of the organization. These skills are not only limited to the workplace but are broadly applicable, whether it's one's career, social or personal life.

Our proven soft skills training program equips the participants with all the essential skills and qualities to have professional as well as personal success in their life, through positively influencing people, effective communication and creating and maintaining successful relationships.

The following topics are covered:

• Understanding the concept of soft skills and its difference with hard skills and Identify common soft skills.
• The importance of setting goals, planning for future, and working towards achieving it.
• Difference between Skills and qualities and how to identify and develop them.
• Concept of Personal Presentation, factors involved and its effective practical usage.
• Opinions, judgments, actions and reactions: How to influence others through personal presentation.
• Motivation and the importance of self-motivation, Types, and Triggers of motivation, Motivational theories
• Detailed discussion topics including Attitude, Confidence, and Self-esteem,
• Effective communication and Interpersonal skills- How it affects our personal presentation.
• Effective speaking- Message, meaning, clarity, pace, pitch, tone, accent etc.
• Non-verbal communication- Body language- posture, gesture, facial expressions, and para-language.
• Effective listening- Tips and traits.
• Detailed discussion topics including Initiative and Leadership, Teamwork, time and conflict management.
• Cross-cultural sensitivity and communication at workplace.
• Personal appearance and grooming.

Who is it for:

• Professionals of all levels, Junior, Mid and senior Managers, Members of public, Senior students.


• Understand the need for acquiring and developing specific set of soft skills
• Acquire and improve a specific set of soft skills and use it for achieving specific goals and success in life.
• Understand the concepts of goal setting and planning for future and learn to use it practically.
• Understand the concept, of personal presentation, how it works and its practical usages including, influencing people and getting favourable results.
• Learn and improve Interpersonal communication skills, learn and identify the components and barriers in the communication process.

Training methodology

• The Training will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.
• The training program is highly interactive in nature with training delivered with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, activities, role-plays, mock sessions, video presentations, discussions, energizers, Q&A and re-cap sessions etc.
• Trainees will be provided with courseware which includes, study material, handouts, and activity sheets etc.

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