Duration: 12 hours

Course overview:

This Faculty development training program aims at equipping Teachers/Trainers with all the necessary skills to make the learning experience a fulfilling and satisfying one. It aims at providing them with proven strategies for better student engagement and class room management through the application of inter-personal and social skills. The program also aims to equip the participants to apply techniques of self assessment, management, social skills in successful delivery of L&D process.

Topics Covered:

• Fundamentals of learning and Development
• Managing the learning process
• Pedagogy Vs Andragogy
• AVK Model and beyond
• Integrating formative and summative assessments.
• Building positive relationships with learners.
• Motivating learners
• Tackling behavioural issues in teaching/training
• Effective class room management through intervention
• Cultural sensitivity and communication in teaching/training delivery
• Four pillars of emotional intelligence and its application in L&D
• Introduction to interpersonal communication skills
• Communication styles-Verbal Vs non-Verbal
• Effective speaking- Message, meaning, clarity, pace, pitch, tone, accent etc.
• Non-verbal communication- Body language- posture, gesture, facial expressions, and para-language.
• Effective listening- Tips and traits.
• 21st Century Training- Gamification, Role of social media etc…

Who is it for:

• All spoke persons who have to guide and lead some sort of audience.


• Apprehend the novel practices in coaching and training L&D process.
• Understanding the concept and learn to build general L&D environment.
• Establishing an effective and precise classroom management schemes.
• Developing inter-personal communication skills for effective audience connections.
• Focusing on emotional intelligence and implantation.

Training methodology

• The Training will be provided with the current learning standard.
• The training program is highly interactive with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, activities, role-plays, mock sessions, video presentations, discussions, energizers, Q&A and re-cap sessions etc.
• Courseware contain study material, handouts, and activity sheets etc.

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